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Convergence Media, Inc. Products & Services

Web Publishing:

  • The Multicultural Advantage • an informative portal where minority professionals and leaders can identify opportunities and learn firsthand what it takes to stay ahead of the pack. The Multicultural Advantage reaches out to Leaders of the associations and organizations within communities of diverse backgrounds. Our Career Center provides professionals from diverse backrounds with career mangement resources. The Diversity at Work portal is a destination for recruiters and professionals working with diversity issues. Hundreds of articles by well known authorities and other resources can be found here. The Multicultural Advantage job board located in the Jobs Center has undergone a major revision. It delivers a high quality experience that provides jobseekers with thousands of job postings.

    The Multicultural Advantage also offers students, grad students from diverse backgrounds updated listings and libraries of articles and other resources in the Opportunities Center.

    It also features some of the most comphensive Diversity Calendars on the Internet, including:

    • The Multicultural Networking Calendar - a calendar of events designed to facilitate career development and networking for students, professionals and executives from diversity backgrounds. Includes over 200 conferences, symposiums, training institutes, receptions, seminars and career events.

    • The Career Fair Calendar - a calendar of over 100 job fairs and other career events for students, professionals and executives from diversity backgrounds. In addition to career fairs, also included are articles and tips on how to succeed at career fairs.

    • The Diversity at Work Datebook - calendar of conferences, luncheons, seminars, training institutes and other events specifically for human resources professionals working with diversity recruitment and retention issues.

  • Diversity Advantage- an informative blog written by a team of top experts in diversity and staffing. Readers are provided with commentary, case studies, practical advice and insight, news and interviews. The blog provides our readers with the information, tools and other resources they need to succeed with diversity recruitment and retention.

    Topics covered include: business case for diversity recruiting, getting management buy-in for your diversity staffing initiatives, global diversity, board diversity, diversity recruiting metrics, diversity recruitment marketing, EEO/ Affirmative Action, immigration, college recruiting, recruiting bilingual candidates, bias in the interview and selection process, diversity and corporate career sites, diversity referrals, working with executive search diversity specialists, diversity sourcing and using career events for diversity staffing.

    Diversity Advantage is your source for diversity recruitment and retention solutions. Visit regularly to find out the latest trends, news and strategies that are working in diversity recruitment and retention.

Directories & Reports:

The Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit

The first in a series, the Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit is a 240-page directory of over 650 national newsletters, magazines, journals, web sites and job boards targeting minority professionals. It also includes listings of over 140 advertising agencies that specialize in recruitment advertising and marketing. The Toolkit is chock full of strategies, checklists, guidelines, and other resources designed to help readers succeed with their diversity recruitment efforts.

The Diversity Recruitment Marketing Best Practices Checklist is a FREE 42 page PDF that compiles 164 of the most effective diversity recruitment marketing strategies into an informative and useful reference. These strategies are designed to help you to increase the quantity and quality of African American, Hispanic, Asian American, bilingual, female, disabled, GLBT and veteran candidates that apply for your employment opportunities. The checklist also provides insight on how to retain employees from underrepresented backgrounds.

On line Store & Catalog:

The Multicultural Advantage Store has a constantly updated and growing online catalog of books, guides, training videos, course ware, games and other products for recruiters and professionals working with diversity issues. It also features a specialized store for job seekers and career management.