General Guidelines For Writing For The Multicultural Advantage

General Guidelines For Writing For The Multicultural Advantage

Email articles for consideration to:

Are you interested in writing for The Multicultural Advantage? Well, you have come to the right place. Most professionals and business owners feel great personal satisfaction from having an article published in The Multicultural Advantage and helping professionals across the country. These guidelines can make the publication process--organizing and focusing your ideas, writing, submitting a draft, and making revisions--one that helps you achieve excellence in communication.

What is The Multicultural Advantage?

The Multicultural Advantage is an online community where minority professionals and leaders can stay informed, identify opportunities and learn firsthand what it takes to stay ahead of the pack. Included are thousands of articles, checklists, research reports, and links covering career issues, diversity, racism, ESL, immigration, education, business and other topics of interest to minorities and people working with multicultural issues.The Multicultural Advantage provides news & commentary, fresh information, viewpoints and experiences every business day from people of color working the trenches. If you have a unique perspective or experience to share, we invite you to submit a column for consideration.

The Multicultural Advantage Audience

The Multicultural Advantage is a one-of-a-kind web site written and edited specifically for minorities seeking education, leadership, and career management issues. We also provide information for those working with workplace diversity issues. The Multicultural Advantage provides timely coverage of workplace and education issues and trends relevant to minorities in field from all backgrounds and from every level - from student to CEO. It also contains in-depth how-to articles designed to help our readers grow and succeed.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for articles that provide:

  • Tips to success in the workplace, with staffing, diversity, and in education
  • The latest in Web advertising news and statistics
  • In-depth case studies and lessons learned
  • Editorials and advice from the experts
  • Workplace, staffing, and education war stories. Told in the first person. A real situation you or your company encountered. You succeeded or you failed. You learned something of value that you are now conveying to others.
  • The BEST topic to discuss would be a burning issue that is on your desk NOW. So, as they say in therapy, speak from the "I". Tell this audience the truth -- the unvarnished truth (though you don't need to mention names). The authenticity will ring through loud and clear. And speak with passion. If it ticks you off or exhilarates you -- all the better. If you have a link or three you want to put in, give us the URL.

Subjects We Are Interested In

What your colleagues will benefit from most is a fast read about how you solved a problem they are facing. Write from your experience.

Choose a topic you feel comfortable talking about. Think about recent challenges you faced and solutions you implemented. Once you've settled on a topic, jot down a brief description of the issue or challenge you faced.

Note the highlights: the people involved, the money involved, the time and resources available for a solution, and the tools or measures used to evaluate success. Include the barriers you faced in developing and implementing the solution and the lessons learned along the way.

Make your item as practical as possible. Include sufficient how-to information and examples to enable readers to apply your expertise to their situations. Write (talk) to the seasoned association professional, but write informally. Keep sentences short and simple. Use active verbs.

Be brief and to the point. Keep background information to a minimum. Stick with the basics of what readers need to know to follow in your footsteps.

Use subheads to break text and highlight topics. Use bulleted or numbered lists. To break up content and give it order.

Please email us a photo of yourself in either gif or jpeg format. Please do not use your article as a form of advertising or promoting your company and its services.

Submit the column in Microsoft Word or text. If you have tables you wish to include, have them HTML ready. If you submit photographs, write captions for them and place the captions at the end of your article, following the one-sentence author identification

Email articles for consideration to: