The Metrics and Business Case for Diversity Reading Room

The The Metrics and Business Case for Diversity Reading Room provides readers with articles that explain how diversity recruiting initiatives can go beyond serving as a way to comply to affirmative actions law, avoid litigation or address litigation concerns. They will show recruiters how diversity recruiting can be a key to maintaining a competitive edge. Results driven diversity staffing initiatives can be the catalyst for a better return on your investment in human capital and and maximize your competitive advantage.

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  • The bottom-line business benefits of diversity and inclusion are increasingly

    Review of The Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit Directory
    by Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques Blog

    I love it when a publication actually lives up to its title. If you are looking for diversity outlets, this is a great reference tool to get you started. Also useful are the various checklists for diversity advertisers, things to avoid that can get you into legal hot water, and the various ways that editor Tracey de Morsella cross-indexes the listings are convenient. I didn't have too much to recommend to her to improve the next edition.

    Reviewed by Glenn Gutmacher Recruiting researcher for Microsoft and author of Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques Blog Click here to read the rest of this review.

    well-established in global companies, including: Attraction and retention of top talent through employer-of-choice reputation around the world; Improved morale among employees worldwide; Cost savings due to better leveraging of strengths and skills within the organization; Stronger relationships with global partners and customers; Increased productivity of diverse and globally dispersed teams. As diversity and inclusion become more strategic components of achieving business results, the need to deal with these issues in a globally appropriate way increases.

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  • Leveraging diversity can be key to closing the diversity gap. Unfortunately, many organizations think about diversity as a human resource function, rather than a business strategy. Therefore their approach is more piecemeal than strategic and is rarely successful. For the diversity process to be integrated in the strategic goals of the business and be a fully utilized strategic lever that impacts the business, it must be measured. You would not launch any other business plan or strategy – marketing, patient relations management, risk management, cost containment, etc. – without instituting a measurement component. Why treat diversity any differently?

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  • For maximum effectiveness, Diversity Program leaders need to recognize and understand where they are in their evolutionary process. Achieving the proper degree of diversity, referred to as Diversity Attainment, has no finish line because the dynamic changes in the world's diversity, mobility and communications will never end. Therefore, it makes sense that the optimum time to unleash the potential of the organization's diversity is now. But, on what do you unleash that power?

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  • Most organizations have diversity efforts in place but simply cannot figure out how to make them effective. One of the main reasons they are not successful is that organizations lack effective ways of holding people accountable for these efforts. Many organizations have instead developed a half-hearted process that links results to compensation. This link to compensation is quite the rage in diversity circles. The fundamental flaw with this approach is that in application it is a quota in disguise.

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