The Metrics and Business Case for Diversity Reading Room

The The Metrics and Business Case for Diversity Reading Room provides readers with articles that explain how diversity recruiting initiatives can go beyond serving as a way to comply to affirmative actions law, avoid litigation or address litigation concerns. They will show recruiters how diversity recruiting can be a key to maintaining a competitive edge. Results driven diversity staffing initiatives can be the catalyst for a better return on your investment in human capital and and maximize your competitive advantage.

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  • It’s no secret that in today’s global marketplace competition is keen,

    Review of The Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit Directory
    by Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques Blog

    I love it when a publication actually lives up to its title. If you are looking for diversity outlets, this is a great reference tool to get you started. Also useful are the various checklists for diversity advertisers, things to avoid that can get you into legal hot water, and the various ways that editor Tracey de Morsella cross-indexes the listings are convenient. I didn't have too much to recommend to her to improve the next edition.

    Reviewed by Glenn Gutmacher Recruiting researcher for Microsoft and author of Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques Blog Click here to read the rest of this review.

    and the skills, knowledge and abilities required to keep up with, let alone lead the competition, are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Supplier relationships are often spread across the globe and can become very complex, given language and cultural barriers. The demographics of the existing or potential customer base of many organizations is a moving target. In the meantime, shareholders in private sector companies and stakeholders in public sector organizations have high expectations for profit or results as a return on their investment in time, money, or both. Additionally, the U.S. has become a litigious society with a marked increase in the past few years ...

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  • The Business Case for Diversity

    by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard

    In the past, many managers answered this question out of a sense of the "right thing to do" or because they were seeing more and more people who didn't look like them in the workforce, or merely felt they had to meet the organization's requirement for working with diverse groups. However, today's managers know that without effective diversity management capability, organizational effectiveness is in jeopardy. Being effective at managing a diverse workforce helps to lift morale, improve processes, bring access to new segments of the marketplace and enhance productivity of the organization. In essence, it is good for business.

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  • It comes as a surprise to some people when they learn that the CEO has a boss, just as the rest of us do. In the case of the CEO, he or she has a multitude of them. They are the shareholders in the company, which means that they are the owners. Diversity Councils must be aware of and responsive to the needs and objectives of the stockholders. Since they are the owners, they will evaluate the economic performance of the company. Diversity can make significant contributions to the corporate performance, but it is important to look at performance through the eyes of the stockholders.

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  • Why Diversity Counts: The Business Case

    by Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.

    There was a time when corporations in the US could get away with ignoring diversity issues and hire employees who all looked and thought alike, catering only to one type of consumer. Those days are gone. Also gone is the myth that diversity has little to do with business.Providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds is the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint. But it is also great for business.

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