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The Career Fair Reading Room provides African American, Asian American, Hispanic and other professionals from diverse backgrounds with advice and information to help them achieve success with career fairs.


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  • While most professionals write off career fairs as a means of finding a job, according

    The Job Seeker’s Guide to Diversity Employment Resources is a Directory of Over 600 Jobs Boards, Publicatons, Job Banks and Career Portals for African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Other Minorities. This comprehensive, 216 page, resource provides an alphabetized compilation of over 600 resources career-focused newsletters, magazines, journals, job banks, job boards and web sites that target African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans.

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    to the 2001 SHRM/Career Journal Poll Search Tactics Survey, over 70% of human resources departments participating rely on job fairs to recruit employees. They are not only great events for identifying employment opportunities, but also for expanding your network, honing your interview skills, learning industry information, gathering information about companies, and collecting business cards. Career fairs are good job seeking tools because you are able to make more contacts through employers and candidates just by being around forty or fifty companies and talking to your peers...

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  • Most job fair organizers provide an area for the exhibitors to get a soda, cup of coffee, or a quick snack during the "show." It certainly gives your voice a needed break and infuses you with the essential nutrients a staffing professional needs: sugar and caffeine.However, what is most interesting is the range of comments you will hear about the same job fair. One representative appears "pumped up" due to the excellent candidate flow and excellent candidate quality. Another representative is livid due to thetotal waste of time this fair has become and is giving the organizer or vendor account representative a non-positive sales moment. How is it possible to have two such extreme reactions to the same event? To figure this out, ...

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  • Are you headed to a career fair? Well, you won't be alone. Career fairs are prime opportunities for employers to meet face-to-face with potential candidates. The convention halls fill quickly with job seekers; the lines to meet the recruiters are long and you only have a few precious minutes to make a great impression. To get the attention of these company representatives means doing your homework, being prepared, creating a plan, and working it well.

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