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The Diversity Council Reading Room provides a compilation of articles, checklist, research reports and other resources designed to benefit diversity councils.

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  • As organizations examine how to include a culture of diversity, structure and

    The Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit Directory, 2nd Edition is a 288-page directory that contains over 650 career-focused, national newsletters, magazines, journals, web sites, job banks and job boards targeting college-educated African American, Arab American, Asian American, Hispanic and Native American professionals. This informative resource also contains 40 pages of strategies and over 1,000 additional diversity recruitment advertising resources including listings of associations, recruitment marketing companies, and government agencies.

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    internal reviews will play a key role in guiding their efforts. Through diversity programs may vary in name, members and mission, there are three basic models – the executive-level leadership structure, the broad-based diversity advisory groups, and the employee-driven diversity advocacy or affinity groups. These groups, through different in mission and membership, often are referred to as “ Diversity Councils.” And as they determine which structure fits their culture, key questions must be answered.

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  • Diversity Council Success: Getting Started

    by Dorinda A. Capole, Maxine Carpenter and Julie Pierce Williams.

    This book excerpt is designed to enable companies to implement successful diversity councils. Over the past several years, we witness more and more that: Labor pools and markets are growing more diverse. The economy is becoming more global and national boundaries more fluid. Technology is transforming how we work and relate to each other. Alternative work arrangements and telecommuting are becoming the rage. These changes in the business climate are forcing organizations to change the way they do business. Diversity is at the heart of these changes and it needs to be managed effectively.

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Research Desk

  • The Anheuser-Busch Diversity Councils Best Practices Study

    By: The GilDeane Group, Inc.

    Sponsored by: Anheuser-Busch

    The Anheuser-Busch Diversity Councils Best Practices Study In 2005, Anheuser-Busch contracted with The GilDeane Group Inc. to conduct, on its behalf, a brief study of diversity-council best practices. The practices of nine companies are described in this report. This study describes two distinct approaches to diversity councils. The first may be called an Integrated Global Strategic Approach out of which effective diversity councils emerge. The second, the Program Approach, utilizes an informal structure with an emphasis on activities and education.

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