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The EEO Affirmative Action Reading Room is a regularly updated section of the Diversity at Work Center that is designed to aid employers with compliance of affirmative action laws.

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  • Providing all individuals with the opportunity to reach their full potential is

    The Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit Directory, 2nd Edition is a 288-page directory that contains over 650 career-focused, national newsletters, magazines, journals, web sites, job banks and job boards targeting college-educated African American, Arab American, Asian American, Hispanic and Native American professionals. This informative resource also contains 40 pages of strategies and over 1,000 additional diversity recruitment advertising resources including listings of associations, recruitment marketing companies, and government agencies.

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    about more than just compliance. It is about developing cultures that are conducive to meeting the needs of organizational members at all levels. An organization dedicated to diversity must go beyond placement of individuals, toward the long-term task of facilitating their upward movement in that organization. Though often used interchangeably, affirmative action and diversity are two separate concepts that have the ability to function together to improve representation of under represented groups in organizations.

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  • "Who ultimately receives employment opportunities is highly dependent on how and where the employer looks for candidates." The above quote is found in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's compliance manual on race and color discrimination, which was released on April 19, 2006. While there has been a great deal of attention lately to the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and its new definition of an Internet applicant, the EEOC has provided a clear signal that recruitment practices and procedures will be scrutinized much more carefully in the future for possible discrimination.

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  • EEOC Tales of Top Mistakes Made by Employers

    By Carol A. Dawson, EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.

    When the White House decorators shifted from Razorback Chic to Texas Traditional, did you think the EEOC wouldn’t have the necessary striking power to enforce equality laws? By this term, the answer should be obvious. Lost class action discrimination cases and large dollar settlements have been plentiful. EEOC Chair Cari Dominguez, attempting to create less stress during an EEOC complaint investigation, decided to provide employers with their top ten typical mistakes when dealing with EEOC.

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  • Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Laws

    Links to FAQs, factsheets, manuals, guides, etc.

    A page of links to FAQs, factsheets, manuals, guides, etc. that enable employers to comply with federal equal employment opportunity laws. Lists the Federal laws prohibiting job discrimination, employers and other entities covered by EEO laws, including the Federal Government as well as other important EEOC links.

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  • EEOC Diversity in Law Firms Study

    By: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    The 2003 EEOC Diversity in Law Firms Study 2003 study examines the employment status of women and people of color at law firms required to file EEO-1 "Employer Information Reports" breaking down the racial, ethnic, and gender composition of an employer's workforce by job classification. The study also looks at the relationship between firm characteristics and the employment of people of color and women. Results suggest that the most pressing equal employment issue in large national law firms is no longer hiring but conditions of employment, especially promotion to partnership.

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