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An updated compilation of articles with a focus on grants, grantwriting and issues pertaining to grants for non-profit organizations and individuals. Subjects covered include advice and tips for writing successful grant proposals, grantwriting for government & corporations, various strategies to use to get noticed, pifalls to avoid and much more.

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  • ‘Grant writing’ as the name suggests is the writing of a grant in order to raise grant or funds for one’s organization or project. Many a on-profit or individual organizations rely on these grants to run their work. There are several types of grants and the reasons for taking them. Such reasons depend on the need of the organization seeking the grant.

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  • As the saying goes: "Buyer Beware". If you see ads claiming you qualify to receive a "free grant" for education, to start a home business or to payoff unpaid bills, be wary. Scam artists will claim your grant application is guaranteed to be accepted and approved, and you never have to repay the money.

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  • From our earliest memories in school, we heard “read the directions first!” Every time I start reading an application, including a grant-related one, these words ring again and again. Whether applying for a foundation, corporate, government, or community grant award as a nonprofit organization, an association with a different tax status, an individual, or a business, I always keep these rules and application “how-tos” in mind.

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