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An updated compilation of articles with a focus on grants, grantwriting and issues pertaining to grants for non-profit organizations and individuals. Subjects covered include advice and tips for writing successful grant proposals, grantwriting for government & corporations, various strategies to use to get noticed, pifalls to avoid and much more.

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  • US government grants being centralized will really help all of us that are confused. Finding federal grants and getting our free grants should not have to be so hard. Sounds simple doesn't it? We have the least amount of time for federal searches. We have the least amount of resources to hire a grant writer.We need one stop shopping. We now have this with!

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  • For some grantwriters, the budget seems cut and dried. It tells how much money you need to do the project described in your narrative. It's often left to the fiscal or program folks to develop. This approach misses the opportunity to use the budget to support your narrative and strengthen your proposal.

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  • Truth be told, our President/CEO really likes to win awards. My first tasks when I arrived two years ago were to submit our organization for three local honors. I didn't know how much to brag, how much to bluster and how much to try to overwhelm the judges with facts and figures. We did okay, winning finalist designations on all three submission, but no prize.

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