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The Multicultural Advantage Internship Opportunity Center is a listings of internships, co-ops, and assistantships for undergraduates, graduate students, professional students and Phd candidates from diverse backgrounds seeking to advance their careers.

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  • You didn't sign up for a several-month sentence at the copy machine, yet there

    The Job Seeker’s Guide to Diversity Employment Resources is a Directory of Over 600 Jobs Boards, Publicatons, Job Banks and Career Portals for African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Other Minorities. This comprehensive, 216 page, resource provides an alphabetized compilation of over 600 resources career-focused newsletters, magazines, journals, job banks, job boards and web sites that target African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans.

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    you are at your internship, making copies for hours. And then you go home each day and gripe about it to anyone who will listen (or pretend to). Why not do something about it? Seek out more challenging assignments –- the kind that will give you the skills you'll really need in your future career. Here's how in three steps:

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