10 Sure Fire Strategies for Career Fair Success

By Valarie Washington

Are you headed to a career fair? Well, you won't be alone. Career fairs are prime opportunities

for employers to meet face-to-face with potential candidates. The convention halls fill quickly with job seekers; the lines to meet the recruiters are long and you only have a few precious minutes to make a great impression.

To get the attention of these company representatives means doing your homework, being prepared, creating a plan, and working it well.

Be Prepared to Knock Their Socks Off: 10 Questions Recruiters Ask

Before you head out to the job fair make sure that you have prepared clear and concise answers to these ten questions. Time is short, be sure to hit the highlights. You are competing with all the other candidates, think about what makes you stand out from the other candidates.

  1. Tell me about yourself? Tell them how you consistently add value in any position that you’ve had.
  2. What do you know about our company?
  3. Why do you want to work for us?
  4. Why are you searching for a new job?
  5. Tell me about your background and accomplishments?
  6. How does your background relate to this position?
  7. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  8. How would you describe your most recent job performance?
  9. Why did you leave your last position? Why are you looking to leave your current position?
  10. Why should we hire you?

Take Your "A" Game to the Fair: 10 Strategies for Career Fair Success

Your goal at the career fair is to get noticed, make a great impression, and get your name of the list of candidates that will be interviewed. If you follow these ten strategies will you definitely be ahead of the game.

  1. Arrive early. Review the list of companies and identify your top choices. Work your list by going to the companies that you are most interested in first. Go for Quality not Quantity
  2. Develop a great 20 second elevator speech. Introduce yourself to the recruiter by quickly summarizing your objectives and qualifications.
  3. Think of a good reason to go back a second time! Return to booths of interest to make the impression stick.
  4. If the booth is really busy, ask the recruiter for a specific time that you can come back for an actual interview.
  5. Mark your resume. Give resumes to everyone you talk to be sure to make a note on your resume to help the interviewer remember you.
  6. Ask about the next step. You won’t necessarily get hired on the spot, but your goal is to set up an interview.
  7. Talk to other candidates at the career fair. Ask them what companies they've spoken too. You may meet someone who can provide you with some helpful information.
  8. Always collect business cards from recruiters. Use the e-mail addresses to send a thank you and follow-up notes.
  9. Stay late, sometimes the last contact is the best contact.
  10. Be prepared with a set of questions to keep the dialogue going.

Ask and You Shall Receive: 10 Questions to Ask Recruiters

You can also stand out from the crowd by asking well thought out questions. Here are ten questions to get you started.

  1. Can you tell me more about the position and the type of person you are seeking?
  2. What is your company's competitive advantage in the marketplace? What makes your company better than your competitors?
  3. How would you describe your company culture?
  4. What would you say are the 3 unwritten rules of success in your organization?
  5. What is your organization’s commitment to diversity?
  6. How diverse is your executive management team?
  7. Has your company had any layoffs in the past two years?
  8. What can I do to help to add value to the organization?
  9. What is the next step for consideration?
  10. What time should we schedule an interview?


This is a blueprint for career fair success. Be prepared. Take your "A" game to the job fair and ask for an interview with confidence. Follow these strategies and you are well on your way to securing the position that you desire.


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