The Center for Creative Leadership Women's Leadership Program is designed

for and staffed by women, this program brings the powerful assessment and feedback elements found in other Center programs together with research-based content that delves into issues and perceptions surrounding women's leadership and work experiences. In addition to clarifying strengths and development areas, and working with models of power and influence, participants explore the choices and tradeoffs they face as women juggling personal and professional objectives.

Who Should Attend: Mid-to senior-level women managers who want to strengthen their leadership effectiveness through a feedback-intense learning experience.

During this program, participants: Gain a full and honest picture of their strengths and developmental needs, and develop priorities; develop the leadership skill of giving and receiving constructive feedback; learn strategies for using their power and influence more effectively within their organizations; learn how to overcome the biases and discomforts associated with exercising political know-how; make new choices for investment of personal energy based on an examination of tradeoffs and rewards; learn how to lead with authenticity, clarifying personal values and their fit within the organizational culture.

Special Features: The program's holistic approach considers the participant's whole self, not just the business persona. A one-to-one session with a certified CCL feedback coach helps participants integrate assessment data and learnings from the week. Carefully structured peer feedback sessions provide behavioral data to compare with data from assessments. A videotaped session helps individuals better understand their influencing skills. A half-day outdoor exercise allows individuals to practice new behaviors.

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Location: Greensboro, NC

Program Dates: November 610

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