The mission of the Institute is to both identify and develop African-American

corporate leadership (high potential and senior executives) and prepare them for diverse global leadership. Additionally, the Institute will provide executive development for senior non-profit leaders. Integral components of the Institute are the research papers, publications, reviews, analyses, and recommendations offered.

The Institute achieves its objectives with support from a world class faculty and staff, alignment with universities, collaborative interest groups, and by developing acclaimed seminars and research.

Factors that distinguish the Institute for Leadership Development & Research from other executive leadership programs include:

  • Curriculum designed primarily by, and for, senior African-American corporate executives.
  • Multi-racial teams of African-American academicians, business management consultants and executives committed to examining and facilitating inclusive business leadership.
  • A programmatic focus on the unique leadership needs and strengths of African-American business leaders.
  • Participant access to The Executive Leadership Council network of senior African American corporate executives, pro diversity CEOs, scholars and business leaders committed to developing African-American business leaders for global performance.
  • Research that benchmarks diversity leadership issues affecting global business.
  • Providing companies access to metric systems that can help them assess their inclusion gaps and progress.

How can I learn more about the Institute and register for programs? Contact Dennis Dowdell, Jr., Executive Director, Institute for Leadership Development & Research, and Program Manager Julia Scrivens at The Executive Leadership Council, 1010, Wisconsin Ave., NW, Suite 520, Washington, DC 20007 or by calling (202) 298-7183.

Note: Please, do not contact us regarding these leadership development programs. We are not affiliated with the sponsoring organizations and therefore have no additional information. Sometimes the link is changed for the leadership development programs. When this happens, go to the home page of the organizers to locate information on it or contact the organization directly.

The Multicultural Advantage Leadership & Executive Programs Institute maintains a constantly updated listing of a wide variety of leadership & executive development programs.

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