The NHLI program provides four one-week leadership development seminars which span nine months and four cities. The intensive learning experience provides training in public policy, leadership, strategic management and race, class and gender issues. The program emphasizes a holistic approach to leadership. Participants will reflect and review their personal history: Who/what has influenced or motivated me? What obstacles have I overcome and still need to be overcome?

The NHLI is committed to new paradigms of leadership, not in maintaining the status quo. As such, this program is for women who are ready for profound changes in their personal and professional lives. It will include deep, personal sharing and insights. In order to lead others, a leader must first know herself. "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing the self is enlightenment."

The NHLI program is an educational program. The excellence and relevance of NHLI's training program has been recognized by distinguished leaders in the public and private sectors. NHLI's commitment, however, extends beyond helping Hispanic women succeed. The fellows are viewed by NHLI as agents of a much wider transformation.


WEEK I: Creating a National Network, San Juan Bautista, California (End of February)

Sessions focus on team building, diversity, cross cultural communication, conflict resolution, the development of support networks and race, class and gender issues.

WEEK II: Leadership for the 21st Century: Effective Change Through Public Policy and Management, JFK School of Government Executive Program, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. (April)

The case study method gives participants an overview of public management, negotiations and applications on strategic management and leadership principles through classroom discussions, group exercises and peer group work.

WEEK III: Leadership Development Program, Center for Creative Leadership Institute (CCL) North Carolina, California or Colorado (March-August)

The Leadership Development Program at CCL is an intensive five-day program designed to develop the capacities needed for effective leadership. The program combines lectures, group exercises, assessment questionnaires and individual feedback sessions to provide participants with information about their leadership, behavioral and decision-making styles.

WEEK IV: Impacting Decisionmakers, Political Advocacy and Government Relations, Washington, D.C. (September)

Sessions explore the national political agenda and policy development, the legislative process and meetings with Congressional representatives and national leaders. Participants learn congressional protocol, political advocacy and the importance of government relations.


The program tuition for participants is $3,500 plus all travel costs for each program segment and lodging expenses at CCL. Corporate employees pay $12,500. The actual cost of the program is approximately $6,000 per week of training for a total cost of about $25,000 for the four weeks of training; however, foundation and corporate grants enable the institute to offer the program to participants for much less. Tuition can be paid by the participant, employer, sponsor or through local fundraising. The Institute provides partial scholarships (up to one-third of the tuition fee) for women with demonstrated financial need. Applicants will not be turned away because of financial needs.


The NHLI will select up to 22 Latinas per year with the following characteristics:

  • Substantive professional work experience and significant direct accomplishments
  • Current and potential leadership as indicated by professional, volunteer and other activities, as well as, through recommendations
  • Strength of character, motivation and commitment to goals
  • Intention to participate fully in all activities of the training, as well as, commitment to continue to support NHLI
  • At least 26 years old
  • The optimal candidate will have achieved success in her field, yet would benefit from this program.
  • This program is not appropriate for women who are full time students, seeking elected office or are going through professional or personal transition. It requires a considerable time commitment and the full attention of the participants during the training sessions.


Applicants must submit a complete application packet in order to be considered. Regional committees composed of NHLI Alumnae schedule a personal or phone interview and submit their recommendation to the national review committee. Up to 22 women from diverse professions, geographic areas and ethnic subgroups within the Hispanic community are selected and notified via mail by December 1, 2007.


Participants must attend all training sessions, arrive on time, participate all day, and stay through the end of each session. Participants will also mentor two Hispanic women for at least two years and develop a leadership training program or conference for at least 25 Hispanic women or girls in their community. The participants will have the responsibility, as a group, to raise and contribute to the Institute at least $3,500 by the end of the 2007 program.


Program graduates join the Institute as Alumnae who support NHLI through a committee of the Board of Directors. Alumnae accomplishments and activities are featured in the Institute’s quarterly newsletter, NHLI News. The Institute maintains a current database and directory of NHLI Alumnae, which serves as an ongoing national network of support. It is a policy of the Board of Directors that 100% of its members contribute financially to the Institute (regardless of the size of the contribution). The board encourages NHLI Alumnae to do the same.


NHLI Alumnae become part of a powerful network of Hispana leaders from across the country. Many of its over 400 graduates have gone on to become elected officials, senior managers and decisionmakers in the corporate, private and public sectors. Alumnae are able to access a larger array of opportunities as they become a part of a national network of Hispana leaders. Through the Alumnae Committee, they form an ongoing link which maintains supportive relationships and involvement in NHLI programs and events.

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Location: San Juan Bautista, CA; Cambridge, MA; North Carolina; California; Colorado; and Washington, DC

Program Dates: February - September

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