Though significant numbers of women have joined the senior ranks of

organizations worldwide, they often ascend the corporate ladder differently than men—and face different career issues and decisions. Female executives often feel the burden of balancing the multiple demands of career, family, social obligations, and commitments to self more acutely than their male counterparts.

During five days of provocative and stimulating discussion, participants address key issues from a personal, interpersonal,

and organizational perspective and take away a practical tool kit to increase productivity, leverage, and value to their organizations. As a participant, you’ll discuss women’s career development and understand how career options, challenges, and choices differ between men and women. You will uncover the best ways to tackle the daily challenges of work-life balance, and learn how to harness feminine attributes such as insight, intuition, and strong interpersonal skills to affect organizational change and implement new ideas in your firm. And, you’ll acquire the ability to make smarter work-life decisions that are in alignment with your long-term goals.

Who Should Attend: The UCLA Women’s Leadership Institute is designed for high-achieving managers and executives employed in both private and public organizations, in all industries. Executives responsible for the career development of women, as well as those interested in their leadership and management issues, will benefit from this powerful and important program.

Understand how the personality of an organization and its internal distribution of power impact women’s attitudes and roles at work. Use insights into your own and your colleagues’ leadership styles to lead teams and manage conflict. Take away strategies for coaching, managing, and leading others and understand how to create career-building network bonds and alliances. Create innovative change in your organization and your life by learning how to engender new ideas, encourage self- and staff-initiative, and leverage your power. Develop a personal matrix of your skills and interests, and use them as a guide for career development and satisfaction. Enhance your credibility and strengthen your message by making the “right” impression during formal and informal meetings of all sizes. Learn to quell self-doubt, resolve conflicts, and get what you want. Answer the questions of “where have I been, where am I now, and where am I going?” by examining the key developmental challenges and important life issues faced by all career women. Learn to use periods of doubt, transition, and uncertainty to your advantage. Understand how differing communication styles and patterns between women and men impact women’s leadership effectiveness, productivity, learning, and job satisfaction.

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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Program Dates: October 16 - 20, 2006

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