The Adult Leadership Program is highly interactive, experiential, and participatory.

These dynamic monthly sessions are stimulating and thought-provoking. Each session constantly challenges trainers and participants to "keep it real," by relating concepts to actual real-life problems and situations. Professional coaches are provided to insure one-on-one growth and mentoring opportunities for each participant. Leadership Development

Developing Authentic Leaders - Authentic Leadership Development (ALD) combines the focus of principal-centered leadership with the challenge of how we use our full repertoire of knowledge skills, experience, and personality to overcome the obstacles we face daily. This development process is used to help identify the unique talents and gifts of each individual. These gifts and talents often inspire greatness and determine what makes each of us stand out from the rest. Recognizing your unique talent enables you to seek out opportunities that will let your gifts shine at your workplace, and in your community.

Bridging Cultural Gaps - The African-American Leadership Institute recognizes that the following key elements with a leader-follower relationship may have some cultural influences: Communication, Decision-making, Values, Motivation, Problem-solving, Change management, Rewards and recognition; Building trust.

The cultural influences are sometimes known to keep African Americans from developing professionally and personally. After completing the inner personal work and attending several workshops, each person will obtain the tools needed to bridge these cultural gaps and enhance their effectiveness as leaders.

Assessment Instruments/Personal Inventory

Inner Personal Work - This process requires the practices of intense self-awareness and an undying commitment to personal growth. It is designed to take participants on a journey to eliminate obstacles that often inhibit progression to successful leadership. Even though the work is challenging, the reward is developing an objective perspective for successful self-improvement. The personal and organizational outcomes of inner personal work are: Increased vision and creativity; Effective communications skills; Strong interpersonal skills; Increased productivity; Acuity in navigating organizational culture; and Ability to groom and empower the leaders around them.

Three-Day Retreat - The inner personal work will start right away during a three-day retreat. At the retreat, individuals will work with assessments instruments; begin to build relations and bond with colleagues. The African-American Leadership Institute incorporates comedy with the self-analysis process because it recognizes that the hard work that often comes with difficult reflection may require the healing power of humor.

Participants will receive the results of the assessment questionnaires mailed to them prior to their first session. The results will serve as a key part of the self-awareness process. After completing a series of additional assessments to include a personal SWOT analysis and a 360-degree employer appraisal, participants will determine their behavioral styles, gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, and identify their unique gifts and talents. With this information presented before them, participants can begin to develop an action plan to take them to a higher performance level and satisfaction.

An open discussion session will provide participants an opportunity to request, receive and give feedback to enhance their development. This session is designed for individuals to come to terms with any past behaviors that may affect their future progress.

Experiential Learning

Corporate to Community - AALI believes that there is no leadership without action. Therefore, we have incorporated a leadership laboratory, Corporate to Community, to allow individuals to participate in experiential learning. Every corporation understands the value of giving back to and connecting with the community. Most organizations hire staff to specifically address community needs and corporate responsibility. AALI has incorporated a learning component to help corporate leaders accomplish this goal. Through an assigned class project, participants will use their leadership skills to positively impact the community. The project will require participants to demonstrate effective leadership, management, communication, team building, problem-solving and delegation skills. They will also receive training on how to become effective board members.


AALI offers a unique opportunity for African Americans to connect with peers and share their aspirations and challenges as leaders and future leaders. Participants represent diverse backgrounds and experiences. An open and candid environment of African Americans allows participants to fully discuss their professional development needs. They are comfortable “being themselves” and able to objectively embrace the feedback offered for their personal and professional growth. The diversity of the organizations participating the program brings a wide range of approaches to problem-solving and synergy in creating solutions. These insights can be applied to real-life situations at the workplace and their personal lives. The relationships, skills and confidence acquired serve to propel and sustain them throughout their careers.

Legacy Comprehension and Management

Participants will examine the important connection between their life experiences, cultural and behavioral legacies, and personal journey to their effectiveness as leaders today. Ones behavior, feelings and attitudes are largely based on past experiences and encounters. Our leadership journey is grounded in the data from our life experiences and social encounters. Our personal legacy understanding becomes the foundation for our journey toward who we can be and what we can accomplish in the world. As you take your leadership journey there are some key questions to be answered: Who is the authentic you? Who are you in the world? Where have you been? Where are you going? What is possible? As participants work on their journey and how they interface with others, they learn to become more effective and productive leaders. Career Coaches.

Coaching Sessions - Each individual will also participate in confidential, one-on-one feedback sessions with a professional career coach. The coach will help to establish measurable goals and set a realistic action plan for personal and professional development. On-going meetings with a coach will be established on a quarterly basis to monitor each participant’s progress and discuss any successes and obstacles they are facing on the job. Depending on the performance review process, the coaches will schedule follow-up sessions after each quarterly review.

Identifying a mentor is a key component of the on-going development of each leader. This selection process is a homework assignment and involves interviewing several possible candidates. Key Benefits to Corporations

The Greatest Return on Investments (ROI) - Participating in the African-American Leadership Institute benefits corporations by unveiling the untapped potential of the existing workforce. Often times companies hire employees with high potential, however they find it that these employees are not operating in their full capacity. The African-American Leadership Institute grooms these individuals so that companies can receive a greater return on their investment (ROI). AALI will move these individuals from a place of unconscious competence to conscious competence. Focusing on furthering the individual’s actions and deepening the learning process.

Companies will experience the following after their employees complete the AALI Adult Leadership Program: Increase in productivity, efficiency and expanded skills;Increase in retention of qualified employees; Decrease in turnover rates and increase in retention of qualified employees; Decrease in enormous costs associated with managing under performing employees.

Mountain Awards - Each year, our class participants honors"Unsung Heroes," in the community in the areas of volunteerism, art, education, youth development, local government, business, media, personal achievement, and religion. A Mountain Award is presented to these individuals in appreciation for their service and achievements in the community.

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Location: Princeton, NJ

Program Dates: The program starts in January 2007

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