The Latino Leadership Institute provides a forum to discuss specific management

issues from a Latino and Hispanic perspective. As a participant, you will learn how to become a stronger leader, and grasp ways to enhance and strengthen your personal credibility. During five days of provocative and stimulating discussion, participants address key issues from a personal, interpersonal, and organizational perspective and take away a practical tool kit to increase productivity, leverage, and value to their organizations.

You will explore and find out how to best use Latino social, economic, cultural, and political power and how to lead your organization to maximize its position in the Hispanic market. You’ll discuss teamwork and team leadership and understand how to create and sustain the most effective mentoring relationships. Importantly, you’ll take away specific tools for maximizing your personal, professional, and organizational advantage.

The UCLA Latino Leadership Institute is designed for high-achieving managers and executives employed in both private and public organizations, in all industries. Executives responsible for the career development of Latinos and Hispanics, as well as those interested in their leadership and management issues, will benefit from this powerful and important program

Each UCLA Leadership Institute addresses several leadership and management themes that are common to all executives and high-potential managers. The Latino Leadership Institute examines these issues from a Latino and Hispanic point of view. In addition, there are several topics which are of particular interest and applicability to the Latino executive.

Program sessions include:

Organizational culture and workplace diversity: determine how prejudices and biases can affect working relationships and opportunities and how to overcome real or imagined barriers to advancement.

Team leadership: learn to harness team strengths and motivate people to behave in ways that make them, you, and the organization more successful.

Mentorship and career-enhancing relationships: pinpoint the critical components of successful mentoring relationships, while interfacing with a panel of top Latino executives. You will hear how mentoring relationships (or lack thereof) affected their career growth and take away effective mentoring strategies that will get you noticed! Personal leadership development: analyze your personal leadership style, and create a plan to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

Marketing to your community: find ways to increase organizational profitability through better relationships with Latino stakeholders.

Internal entrepreneurship: create innovative change in your organization and your life. Career management and action planning: identify your skills, values, interests, and develop strategies for doing more of your best work.

Presentation skills: enhance your credibility and strengthen your message by making the "right" impression during formal and informal meetings of all sizes.

Latinos and the acquisition of power: find out how to best use Latino social, economic, cultural, and political power for the benefit of your organization and community.

Transforming power into action: learn to leverage your cultural background and skillfully navigate your corporate environment.

Cultural continuum: explore the benefits and challenges of being Latino in corporate America. Recognize how cultural values, such as loyalty, influence career decisions.

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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Program Dates: November 13 - 17, 2006

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