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  • Getting To The Top: Strategies for Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

    By Tracey de Morsella (Formerly Tracey L. Minor)

    Headlines detailing the accomplishments of Stan O’Neal, COO of Merrill Lynch; Carlos M. Gutierrez, CEO of Kellogg Company; Ken Chenault, CEO of American Express; Hector de J. Ruis, CEO of AMD; Richard Parsons, CEO of AOL Time Warner and other powerful minority executives have most of Americans thinking that minorities no longer face discrimination in the workplace. The reality is that these success stories are the exception and not the rule. They are more a result of the perseverance, talent, ambition, and determination of these executives than anything else. Many minorities have been able to gain entrance into the workplace, and often climb into lower and middle-level management positions. However, in many cases, the path to success dead-ends.

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  • National Eagle Leadership Institute Corporate Bound Academy
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