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The Staffing Mature Workers Reading Room provides a compilation of articles, checklist, research reports and other resources on recruiting and retaining mature workers, as well as examines how generational diversity impacts the workplace.

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  • The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations that became law on October 1st,

    The Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit Directory, 2nd Edition is a 288-page directory that contains over 650 career-focused, national newsletters, magazines, journals, web sites, job banks and job boards targeting college-educated African American, Arab American, Asian American, Hispanic and Native American professionals. This informative resource also contains 40 pages of strategies and over 1,000 additional diversity recruitment advertising resources including listings of associations, recruitment marketing companies, and government agencies.

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    2006, represents the most important piece of anti-discrimination legislation to be enacted in the UK in many years. This legislation is the result of the government's obligation to adopt the European Council Directive 2000/78/EC of 27 November 2000 establishing a general framework for equal treatment in employment and occupation. Article 25 of this act states that "The prohibition of age discrimination is an essential part of meeting the aims set out in the Employment Guidelines and encouraging diversity in the workforce."

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  • Hire seniors for project assignments or part-time and save on healthcare costs. According to an Internet-based survey conducted by Thomas Regional, of the nearly 2,500 industrial small businesses owners surveyed nationwide, 63% of the respondents state that healthcare coverage is their biggest challenge. Hiring seniors to work part-time or on temporary assignments in most cases saves health care benefits costs. Medicare benefits kick in at age 65, so insurance benefits become less of an incentive for retirees; yet, surveys have shown that people eligible to collect pensions and Social Security do not necessarily want to quit working. Many retirees continue working but seek decreased and/or flexible hours. According to BSL figures 54% of workers over 65 are employed part-time.

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  • Dealing with diversity in the workplace means understanding and relating effectively with people who are different than you. The ability for a diverse group of people to build strength and unity through their diversity is the power that propels organizations into new dimensions of performance. Discussions of workplace diversity in the United States tend to start with the topics of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. Indeed, organizations that want to thrive in the future will need to have employees and managers who are aware of and skilled in dealing with differences along these identity lines. Another slice of diversity that is not always included in typical diversity discussions, however, is generational diversity.

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Research Desk

  • Page listing links to age discriminataion Laws, publications and resources that enable employers to comply with various countries age discrimination laws. List is organized by country -- and the EC as well -- and are listed in alphabetic order. Countries that are listed are: Australia, the EC, Ireland, Italy, UK and USA

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