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The mentoring reading room providing advice for both mentors and protege's that will enable them to get the most out of the mentor protege relationship.

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  • In these tough times, it is important to find someone to support you throughout the

    course of your career. The best way to do so, is to assemble a team of advisors who can counsel you individually. Donít just limit advisors to fellow employees so that you can gain a broad view of your industry and or field. Mentors can serve as teachers, coaches and advocates. They can provide you with inside information relative to company norms, share experiences and tell you what to watch out for. They can also defend you, recommend you, provide guidance about appropriate and useful organizational behavior, speak up for you and empower you.

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  • Wouldn't you love to have a friend, career coach, confidante, inspirational source and devil's advocate all rolled into one? A mentor can be all of these things and more, ultimately acting as your personal career compass. But what should you look for in mentors, and how do you go about establishing these key relationships? For starters, a good mentor should: Be a leader in the field. Be willing to invest time with you.Have something to teach you. Of course, a mentor does not have to be Asian American to be effective.

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  • When Verna Ford met with a financial services client recently, one man stood out amid the sober suits: An African American in a pink checked shirt. That might be OK in Tennessee where he works, Ford thought, but not in New York. He needs a mentor. What a Mentor Does. A consultant with Boston-based Novations/J. Howard Associates who specializes in multicultural issues and has authored two books on mentoring, Ford knows how important the role of a mentor can be. "A good mentor wouldn't have told him not to wear that pink shirt," she says. "But she would have helped him see the implications of it."

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