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The mentoring reading room providing advice for both mentors and protege's that will enable them to get the most out of the mentor protege relationship.

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  • Mentors Lead the Way to Success

    By Tracey de Morsella (Formerly Tracey L. Minor)

    This article gives advice on developing successful mentoring relationships for African

    Americans. Connections forged through mentoring open the doors to greater opportunities. Although affirmative action laws were put in place to address inequities in the workplace, they do not provide any mechanism for enabling African Americans to ascend up the corporate ladder. Most successful professionals can attribute much of their achievement to their mentoring relationships. Unfortunately, mentors tend to be drawn toward proteges that remind them of themselves.

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  • Mentoring relationships can be among the most rewarding career-related interactions you'll have -- if you take full advantage of them. Whether you're interested in mentoring someone or looking for a mentor to help steer your career in the right direction, these guidelines can help you get and stay connected with the right person.

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  • It's always comforting when someone offers to help you out in a new job by providing training and support. Whether this person is your official mentor or is simply designated to show you the ropes, he is filling a vital role, particularly if you're a new worker with a disability.Because a new worker with a disability already has some concerns and fears not experienced by the usual new employee (Will they accept me as a person, not as a person with a handicap? What funny ideas do they have about my disability? Can I really handle the job responsibilities?), being assigned a job mentor is a real support.

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