The program will provide grants ranging in size from $1,000 to $3,000 to

Asian/Asian American arts groups and artists' collectives that have ties to an Asian/Asian American community, for projects that:

  1. Preserve, reflect, or increase understanding of Asian/Asian American experience
  2. Increase the visibility, outreach, or effectiveness of your organization.


  • Arts-focused group or artistic collective
  • Self-identify as "Asian American" or as a specific Asian American ethnicity
  • Two years of continuous cultural activity and demonstrated responsible fiscal management
  • Annual operating budget under $300,000
  • Member of the Asian American Arts Alliance. (Not a member? Join today.)
  • Tax exempt status from the IRS, or a fiscal sponsor.


  • Clarity of your mission and the project you are proposing
  • Merit of the proposed project, based on your project description
  • Commitment to serve an Asian/Asian American community, and strong ties to your community
  • Track record and ability to implement the project
  • Financial need and impact of our grant
  • Positive impact of the project on your organization
  • How effectively does the project or organization preserve, reflect, or enhance the understanding of an Asian or Asian American experience.
  • Role of Asians/Asian Americans in project and organizational leadership.

Applications will not be considered:

  • For religious purposes
  • For endowments or general operating support.
  • From applicants who have received funding from our major funders JPMorgan Chase Bank or JPMorgan Chase Foundation in the current fiscal year.
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