US Government Grants Nightmare!

by Robert Smethers

US government grants being centralized will really help all of us that are confused. Finding federal grants and getting our free grants should not have to be so hard. Sounds simple doesn't it?

We have the least amount of time for federal searches. We have the least amount of resources to hire a grant writer.

We need one stop shopping. We now have this with! Yea! Its about time. But, as a beginner just try and find federal grants or receive your free grants through them. What a nightmare!

If you have ever visited this official us government grants site you know that it is discouraging. Finding federal grants for beginners and receiving free grants from them is very difficult. Do they speak English? I said I want a grant!

Soon all of us beginners are going to have no choice. We are going to have to go through this official federal grants site to receive our free grants. Anyone have an aspirin? Well it is time to learn how to speak like bureaucrats. If Fed X, and all these large corporations are receiving federal grants then, where are mine?

We will start off with the first eight us government grants agencies.

Agency for international development-9 programs. The agency responsible for helping people overseas. Gives humanitarian aid to underdeveloped countries.

Corporation for National Service-created in 1993 to help those who provide community based service groups. Like Americorps and VISTA. Great John F. Kennedy stuff.

Department of Agriculture- They have 314 programs available. This is where I have always gotten my funding from. They are great for housing help. Small business help and community development.

Department of Commerce- Has 127 programs. This agency helps economic growth, free trade and does a little international outreach.

Department of Defense- Has 52 programs. This agency is all military and America’s largest employer. Plenty of business opportunities here. Plenty of research and development grants available. Very hard to navigate.

Department of Education –149 programs responsible for providing educational grants and setting standards. They are not the only place to get college grants. Great place for investing for our future.

Department of Energy-25 programs dealing primarily with energy, research and development, energy efficiency and energy production.

Department of Health and Human Services- Has over 570 different programs. The great people who are responsible for the web site. When I started doing grants years ago there was no one to centralize the federal grants agencies. They have done a great service but they still have a long way to go. They are responsible for wellness, disasters, health, families and children. They have educational, research, internships and financial aid.

Federal Grants seemed elusive when I started out. It seems to me that getting free grants was an impossible task. Where is the help? We deserve the help. It is my hope, to change this by creating this us government grants web site. Getting federal grants and help should not be a hard process. It should not be beyond the reach of small business to train their employees and expand their business.

Robert Smethers

I am a college student and single parent who relies on federal grants every day.

Copyrighted March 2005

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