As the Smithsonian Institution's museum of African American history and culture,

the Anacostia Museum and Center for African American History and Culture explores American history, society, and creative expression from an African American perspective. The museum encourages the collection, protection, and preservation of materials that reflect the history and traditions of families, organizations, individuals, and communities.

Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate

students with an interest in African American history and culture and blacks in the Americas. They are in the following departments: Research, Exhibits Design and Production, Education, Public Programs, and Public Affairs. Internships are available in a wide-range of areas including graphic arts/design, research, education, archives, and collections.

The Anacostia Museum and Center for African American History and Culture is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of American history and culture from an African American and community based perspective. Major initiatives focus on building effective models for documenting and preserving community and family history. To this end, the museum works with community organizations, neighborhood groups, civic organizations and other groups around the country to identify, document and preserve materials of historical importance and to develop community self-studies; with churches, mosques, and other religious institutions to preserve and document their histories; and with families to celebrate and document African American family history.

Other major initiatives include the Museum Academy, which develops models for educational programs and curricula using the collections of the Anacostia Museum and the wider Smithsonian Institution; and the museum's RFP exhibition program, which works with community groups, artists, and other non-traditional curators to develop exhibitions for the museum's galleries.

The museum's programmatic objectives are flexible enough to encourage the creation of projects tailored to students' interests and needs, while also allowing for a challenging experience and effective results that may be measured by standards of traditional scholarship. Included are opportunities to develop and engage in oral history projects, regional history, community history, and art and cultural history. Under the supervision of museum staff, there is also the opportunity to engage in curriculum development projects.

The museum's permanent collection, archives, and photo archives offer scholars interested in African American material culture excellent opportunities for research.


Anthony Gualtieri
Anacostia Community Museum
1901 Fort Place, SE
Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 633-4826

Location(s): Washington, DC

Program Dates and Duration: Will be considered and accepted based on staff availability and museum schedules.

Stipend: No. Funding is available on a competitive basis from the Smithsonian Institution Office of Fellowships.

Deadline: Not listed ~ Click here to go to opportunity

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