If you're a college junior or senior, a first year graduate student, or a second

year health administration graduate student, you can learn about a career in health services management through our Summer Enrichment Program (SEP).

The SEP is divided into pre-career for undergraduate students and pre-fellowship programs for graduate students. In this program, you won't just read about the exciting future you could have in this field.

You'll spend five days a week working alongside the senior management of a health services organization. You'll earn an internship salary.

The Summer Enrichment Program doesn't expect you to take on your first management experience on your own. We provide you with the best possible guide: a member of the senior management team of the organization where you're working.

You'll have a one-to-one relationship with a management executive such as a VP, Senior VP, President or CEO. You'll "shadow" this person as they go through their workday, attend many of the meetings they attend, and see first-hand what a day in health services management is all about.

Throughout the summer, you'll have many opportunities to discuss the problems, opportunities and decisions that health services managers face every day. To make sure you don't spend your summer just observing, the Summer Enrichment Program provides every student an opportunity to participate in a real-world project.

The project you work on won't be a make-work exercise but a project of real importance to the organization. You'll report to the manager in charge of the project, and your work will be evaluated as if you were a regular employee. You will also present your project to your faculty advisor for their input and feedback.

To give you a broad overview of the health services field, you'll be exposed to a wide range of health services environments during the Summer Enrichment Program. You'll take field trips to other health services organizations in the area, and learn about the role each plays in the delivery of health services. You'll have a chance to meet and talk with health services executives working in a wide range of settings.

To complement your work experience, you'll participate in a week-long seminar conducted by a faculty member from a partnering university health services administration program.

During the seminar, you'll learn what you need to do to gain admission to graduate programs in health services administration, including required and recommended undergraduate courses; admission requirements; application deadlines; completing applications; obtaining reference letters; and interview skills and techniques.

You'll discuss current issues and problems in health services, explore any questions that have come up during your work experience, and have a chance to meet and get to know other interns participating in the Program.

Your faculty advisor will familiarize you with the GRE and GMAT examinations required for entrance into graduate programs in health services management. And as a special bonus, the Institute will pay your full tuition for the highly regarded six-week Stanley Kaplan GRE/MAT preparatory course, which you can take during the summer or your next academic year.

At the Institute, we're always working to make our programs more effective. As part of that process, all management personnel, faculty and students participate in a thorough critique and evaluation of their Summer Enrichment Program experience. It's your chance to tell us what the Program did well and what it could do better. And it's our chance to do the same for you.


George Zeppenfeldt-Cestero
Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (AHHE)
Post Office Box 230832, Ansonia Station
New York, New York 10023
Tel. (212) 877-1615 or 800-233-0996
Fax (212) 877-2406
Email: ahheinnyc@aol.com

Location(s): Throughout the US

Program Dates and Duration: You'll be an employee of that organization for 12 weeks, from June through August.

Stipend: Yes

Deadline: not Provided ~ Click here to go to opportunity

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