At Microsoft, interns are just like full-time employees. You have enormous

responsibility, project ownership, and impact. The only difference between you and a full-time employee is that you're here for a few months instead of years. As an intern, you'll be working right alongside full-time employees as part of a team charged with delivering world-class software on schedule.

Microsoft doesn't require that you be a computer science major in order to be an intern, and have a lot of additional internship opportunities. The company is interested in

individuals who have demonstrated a deep passion for technology as well as a drive to solve the issues involved in getting world-class software ready to ship.

You'll be teamed up with a full-time mentor from your group who will show you the ropes, give you advice, and help you get the most out of your internship.


Microsoft offers benefits designed to make your experience the best it can be. The company takes care of getting you here whether it be by plane or car. Fully furnished subsidized housing is provided long with basic cable, electricity, water and free housecleaning services. Microsoft will also contribute toward shipping expenses to help you get your personal items to and from your new location.

As an intern, you can get a subsidized rental car to take that weekend road trip through the Cascades or a long-term rental for everyday driving. Microsoft will contribute toward the cost of a bike and helmet. You can choose either the subsidized rental car plan or the bike purchase plan. All interns receive a free Microsoft bus pass. The company pays for health club dues at very nice gyms. Interns are invited to special events sponsored by Microsoft or their particular team. The company also sends interns to free technology training seminars. Other freebies include: beverages and Microsoft t-shirts. Interns can also spend up to $450 per year on Microsoft products at the Microsoft store, at employee prices.

Location(s): Redmond, WA and the Silicon Valley in California

Program Dates and Duration: Minimum of 12 weeks

Stipend: Varies

Deadline: Rolling ~ Click here to go to opportunity

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