For students from a wide range of disciplines, to obtain professional experience at UNESCO Headquarters and Field Offices worldwide during a 1- to 4-month internship. Depending on qualifications, these internships relate either to UNESCO's strategic activities or to administrative or technical functions.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Academic qualifications and fields of interest: Internships are exclusively reserved for students pursuing a graduate or postgraduate degree programme (second university degree or higher) or technical/professional studies.
  2. As graduate or post-graduate students, you must have already completed a Bachelorís degree (or equivalent) and be completing at least a Masterís degree at the time of application. Should your studies not be divided into undergraduate and graduate stages, you must have already completed at least 3 years of full time studies at a University or equivalent institution and be in your 4th year of full time studies towards a same diploma.
  3. Candidates pursuing technical/professional studies must be enrolled in the last year of their graduate studies. Secretarial students, should more precisely be in the last year of their bilingual school (French/English) for any internship at Headquarters.
  4. Languages: Excellent spoken and written knowledge of one of the two working languages, English or French.
  5. For secretarial or assistant internship assignments at UNESCO Headquarters and Field Offices, excellent spoken or written knowledge of one of the two working languages, English or French, and a good knowledge of the other language may be required.
  6. Computer skills: Ability to use office-related software (MS Office).
  7. Attitude: An awareness of the many facets of a multicultural world and a commitment to international public service are essential.
  8. Availability: The duration of an internship must be between one and four months.

Location(s): UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and Field Offices

Program Dates and Duration: 1-4 months

Stipend: Not listed

Deadline: Rolling ~ Click here to go to opportunity

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