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One Million White Ethnic Scholarships Don’t Trouble Student Group Protesting Minority Scholarships

by Chris de Morsella

The Daily Free Press, the student newspaper at Boston University, recently ran

an article covering the activities of a Republican student group that was seeking to draw attention to what they call the “worst form of bigotry confronting America today,” Boston University’s College Republicans are circulating an application for a “Caucasian Achievement and Recognition Scholarship” that requires applicants be at least 25 percent Caucasian.

Joe Mroszczyk president of the student group, Boston University College Republicans, told the college's BU Today Web

site " We think giving out a scholarship based on any race is crazy" I would ask Joe is it “crazy” only when the targeted ethnic groups are people of color? To expose the glaring hypocrisy and double standards that Joe is self-righteously engaging in I did a quick Internet search on various “white” ethnic scholarship search terms and got large number of hits. If Joe is so opposed to scholarships that have an ethnic focus, I would suggest he include in his noble crusade ethnic scholarships for students from the following ethnicities as well:

Number of returned results on Google for the following searches:

  • Polish-American scholarships ~ 57,100
  • Irish American scholarships ~ 131,000
  • Italian American scholarships ~ 223,000
  • Jewish scholarships ~ 808,000
  • German American scholarships ~ 142,000

In order to further illustrate the gross hypocrisy that underlies the incendiary claims made by Mr. Mroszczyk, I have compiled a small sampling of the plethora of white ethnic scholarships.

Scholarships that are targeted towards some ethnic group or another literally number in the millions. The overwhelming majority of these ethnic-scholarships are NOT targeted towards minority groups. These awards are usually NOT for groups that HAVE been historically disadvantaged in our society – but rather they target various white ethnic groups such as those listed above.

This phenomenon of white outrage at scholarships that target traditionally disadvantaged ethnic groups – a rage that is mute when it comes to the vast majority of ethnically targeted scholarships that are geared towards various white ethnicities is ignorant, ugly and unfounded. Currently there seem to be fewer and fewer scholarships that target minorities. I know this because we publish scholarship opportunities on our web site The Multicultural Advantage. In it we list scholarships, grants, and other opportunities for, not only minorities, but also for women, veterans, international students, older students, GLBT's, disadvantaged students, and students with disabilities. With each new year it is getting harder to find opportunities for minorities as these programs are being dropped as a result of the pressure being applied. Part of the reason scholarships that target disadvantaged minorities are being dropped is that this hypocritical white backlash only sees ethnic or race when they are non-white and ignores ethnic and race when it is white.

I feel that it is time for a healthy backlash against this backlash that simmers in a veritable witch’s brew of misdirected anger and cloaked racism. There is nothing that evil about scholarships that have ethnic or racial focus. I doubt, for example that Joe gets hot under the collar regarding the numerous scholarships that exist for the descendents of Polish immigrants or those that are there for Irish, Italian or Jewish Americans or any number of other “white” ethnic groups. This leads me to seriously question why does this loud young Republican reserve his indignation, exclusively for the significantly smaller number of scholarships that exist for disadvantaged ethnic and racial groups. There is no consistency or integrity in this overly affected outrage, of his. It is false, and seems to me at least, to be motivated by something much darker than some righteous quest for justice or fair play.

About the Author: Chris de Morsella is Chief Operating Officer of The Multicultural Advantage, a web site that provides resources designed to help professionals from diverse backgrounds succeed in the workplace and employers increase their diversity recruiting effectiveness. Chris is our global diversity and immigration commentator. Though his roots are in technology leadership, working on key projects within companies like Microsoft, Associated Press and Thompson Publishing, his work has been focused on diversity staffing issues for over five years. Having worked in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America and being able to speak English, Italian and Spanish gives him some interesting perspectives on global diversity issues.

Chris de Morsella