Scholarships that Target White Ethnicities -- Diversity is also White

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Partial List of Scholarships for White Americans

The following is a short assortment of scholarships with a white ethnic focus. This is a casual compilation intended to demonstrate the wide availability of scholarships that are tailored and targeted for white students based on their ethnic origin. There are literally many hundreds of thousands and perhaps many millions of scholarships like these that are available for students with various white ethnic origins.

It is not a comment against these types of scholarships! ~ In fact, this web site sees nothing wrong with ethnicity being a criteria for some scholarships, including scholarships that are geared towards various white ethnic groups.

By the same token, we also see nothing wrong in scholarships that are geared towards non-white ethnic groups and other diverse groups such as woman, GLBT, national origin, age, veteran, language speakers, people with disabilities, geographical area etc.

Given the fact of the wide availability of white/ethnic scholarships we seriously question the motives of those who are so loudly outraged at scholarships with a non-white minority focus.


  • Pulaski Merit Scholarships - Polish
  • Abraham Fellowship - Jewish
  • Mitchell Scholarships - Irish
  • Irish American Scholarship Fund
  • UWM Polish-American Scholarship
  • Association of Italian American Charities Dr. Frank C. Marino Memorial Scholarship
  • Polish-American FREEDOM FOUNDATION Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program
  • Trans-Canada Alliance of German-Canadians - Scholarship
  • Jewish War Veterans National Scholarship Program
  • Walter N. and Frances Hnatiuk Scholarship - Ukranian
  • The Kosciuszko Foundation's Tuition Scholarships for Polish Americans
  • Marinelli Scholarship - Italian
  • Irish-American Scholars Program
  • Starkoff Fellowship- Jewish
  • Polish-American Congress Scholarship
  • Augustus Society Italian Scholarships
  • Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarship - Polish
  • Deutscher Brüderliche Bund Scholarship - German
  • Petryshyn Memorial Scholarship - Ukranian
  • Norman R. Peterson Italian Scholarship
  • Ethel Marcus Memorial Fellowship - Jewish
  • Polish Scholarship Fund, Inc.
  • National Italian American Foundation Assunta Luchetti Martino
  • Scholarship for International Studies
  • Anna and Charles Stockwitz Fund - Jewish
  • Charles and Louise Rosenbaum Scholarship Loan Fund - Jewish
  • B'nai Brith Women of Greater Hartford Scholarship
  • Massachusetts Federation of Polish Women's Clubs Scholarships
  • Jewish Social Service Agency of Metropolitan Washington
  • Levie Educational Fund Scholarship - Jewish
  • American Council for Polish Culture Scholarship Challenge Grant
  • George L. Graziado Fellowship for Business - Italian
  • Marcus and Theresa Levie Educational Fund - Jewish
  • The Roothbert Fund - Jewish
  • Polish American Club Scholarship
  • Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Scholarship
  • Jewish War Veterans of the USA - Scholarship
  • National Italian American Foundation George L. Graziado Fellowship for Business
  • National Italian American Foundation Merrill Lynch Scholarship
  • Jewish Welfare Board Scholarship
  • Amelia Greenbaum Scholarship Fund - Jewish
  • National Italian American Foundation National Italian American Foundation
  • National Italian American Foundation Alexander Defilippis Scholarship
  • Encouragement Scholarship -Jewish
  • Vincent Viceglia Fellowship- Italian
  • Free Sons of Israel - Jewish Scholarship
  • Polish American Arts Association Scholarship
  • Frank L. Weil Memorial Scholarship - Jewish
  • Adele Kagen Scholarship Fund - Jewish
  • National Italian American Foundation Bolla Wines Scholarship
  • Rhode Island Polonia Scholarship