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  • There are very few companies that want to talk about it in public but it's time

    Before Diversity: 103 Tough Questions & Honest Answers 2nd Edition

    to face the facts. No matter how sincere the effort, diversity recruiting programs (DRPís) time and time again have failed to meet their goals! When you speak to senior executives about diversity recruiting they are almost always universally disappointed in the results produced by their programs. Even diversity program managers, the people that design and administer the programs, are disappointed in the results of their corporate diversity recruiting efforts. Why is diversity recruiting, one of the most important HR programs, failing? There are a variety of reasons why diversity recruiting is largely ineffective, almost all of which can be remedied.

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  • According to research done by the Human Rights Campaign, over half of all Fortune 500 companies have a non-discrimination policy for sexual orientation and over 100 private employers protect gender identity in their non-discrimination clause. Some states such as California have passed domestic partner laws, and gender nondiscrimination acts. These laws will help promote diversity in the workplace, but alone they are not sufficient in creating an environment where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people feel included and are able to do their best work. Employers need to ask themselves if they are doing enough to create that comfortable environment where everyone can be productive, creative and work as a team.

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  • I would like to take some liberty with a phrase that each of us has known since childhood. For some, the basic objective of education is to teach students to be functional and competent in the 3R's, readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic. It's a simple message, but it helps to refocus attention from the overwhelming complexities of education by reciting this simple mantra. When we redefine these 3R's to the topic of Diversity, we will not need to add any apostrophes. The 3R's of Diversity are Recruitment, Retention and Results.

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