Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit

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Reviews of The Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit

Review by Glenn Gutmacher Recruiting researcher for Microsoft and author of Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques Blog

"I love it when a publication actually lives up to its title. If you are looking for diversity outlets, this is a great reference tool to get you started. Also useful are the various checklists for diversity advertisers, things to avoid that can get you into legal hot water, and the various ways that editor Tracey de Morsella cross-indexes the listings are convenient. I didn't have too much to recommend to her to improve the next edition."

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Review by George Lenard of George's Employment Blawg

"The great strength of this book is a large listing of ways to reach minority applicants, including many ways to do so through old-fashioned non-electronic communications, as well as through web sites, electronic job boards, and the like. The book provides websites, mail and email addresses, as well as phone numbers, for each organization. The sheer number of these organizations is a nice advantage for a recruiter aiming to post jobs. An index in the back of the text sorts the organizations by the minority group that they focus on, so a recruiter who is focusing on Native Americans, for example, can easily locate a large number of these organizations."

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