Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit

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Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit Table of Contents

Table of Contents

SECTION 1-Directory of Media Targeting Minority Professionals 1

SECTION 2-Directory of Recruitment Advertising Agencies 165

SECTION 3-Directory of Recruitment Advertising and Multicultural Advertising Associations 193

SECTION 4 – About Diversity Recruitment Advertising 197

Strategies For Creating Effective Diversity Print Advertising 199
Diversity Recruitment Advertising Checklist 203
Five Strategies For Developing Non-Biased Job Descriptions and Qualifications 205
Job Posting Checklist 207
Selecting a Recruitment Advertising Agency 209
Common Employment Advertising Abbreviations 211

SECTION 5 – About Recruitment Advertising Legal Issues 213
Summary of Federal Employment Anti-Discrimination Laws 215
Recruitment Advertising Legal Guidelines 217
Terms to Avoid in Recruitment Advertising Copy 219
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Nationwide Office Directory 221
Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) Nationwide Office Directory 227
SECTION 6 - Diversity Recruitment Advertising Glossary 235

SECTION 7 - Cross-Referenced Indexes 249
Alphabetical Index 251
Affiliations and Special Interests Indexes 259
Career Specialty and Industry Indexes 263
Ethnicity Indexes 275
Gender Indexes 283
Work Status Indexes 285

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