The Accelerated Job Search Reviews

Dr. Wayne Ford shows readers how to get well organized and focus in quickly on obtaining a job that is the right one for them. Emphasis is on key actions that are necessary to locate that job quickly.

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The Accelerated Job Search

The Accelerated Job Search

Dr. Wayne Ford

What to do and what not to do in the search for a job.


  • Definitive, "reader friendly", practical, easy to use guide. This job hunt system is designed to make for a speedy job search which narrows the field and locates the best position in a minimum amount of time. From using lead sources and creating master applications to networking and creating a job where not may exist, this provides important guidelines for serious job-seekers. ~ Midwest Book Review (Five Star Rating)

  • The best and most complete book yet on finding a job . This is the book I've been waiting for. No hype, no cheer leading, just a book that shows you how to find your job very quickly. Unemployment is very expensive, and Dr. Ford shows you how to minimize it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs that next job yesterday. ~ Julie Swanson (Lafayette, CA)

  • We enthusiastically recommend this book. Bookstall 99 is proud to add "The Accelerated Job Search" to our list of recommended business and professional books. We look at many books, recommend very few, and our reviewers must be in total agreement before we issue our approvals. This book we felt was exceptional in it's use of resources, in-depth research, timeliness, and ease of reading. It is the only book on job search we are recommending. Dr. Wayne Ford has done an excellent job in producing a complete text for the job hunter, regardless of the level of experience. He logically lays out a sequential approach to getting organized, setting up an effective strategy, and following proven methods in achieving success. A particularly well thought out book with the reader in mind. ~ Bookstall 99