Turn the tables on termination! Firing Back gives you the ammunition you need to take charge and secure the best possible severance package. You'll find powerful, effective strategies for negotiation, as well as clear guidelines for creating the best conditions for your financial future. You'll also find scores of illuminating real-life stories —some tough, some hilarious —from people who've been there and survived.

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Jodie-Beth Galos and Sandy Mcintosh

Power Strategies For Cutting The Best Deal When You’re About To Lose Your Job

Price: $15.95 Format: Paperback: 244 pages


  • Downsizing is a fact of business life in the 1990s, and Galos and McIntosh have focused upon the actual moment of termination. This is a handbook for preparation in an employment crisis, written by a human resources attorney and a freelance writer. Part 1 covers advice for those who suspect or may know that their job is in jeopardy. Parts 2 and 3 address those who have already been terminated but haven't met with their employer to work out a separation package. The fourth part is for those who already have worked out a separation package and are in the process of moving on. Another way to read this book is to begin with the last chapter, entitled "Taking Control of Your Future." The authors offer important advice and insight for anyone in an unsettled corporate environment. Although much of their advice is not new, most individuals involved in the uncertain world of corporate America need to consider these topics. ~ Mary Whaley, Booklist

  • Jodie-Beth Galos and Sandy McIntosh have written an extremely useful book for those who have been unjustly fired or "downsized." The authors provide a comprehensive plan for deciding what the terminated (or soon to be terminated) employee wishes to accomplish, what s/he can, in fact, accomplish, how, precisely, to enter into negotiations and pursue and monitor each phase of the process, how to reach a satisfactory settlement, and, finally, how to manage money while out of work. This clearly and elegantly written book features a balance of realistic stories about firing and negotiation processes and appropriately technical and involved legal and financial information. ~ Strong Medicine for Victims of Firing Tom Fink, New York