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The Ultimate Tool for Finding a Job

The Job Seeker's Guide to Diversity Employment Resources Book - Get a Job- - Advance Your Career

How The Job Seeker's Guide to Diversity Employment Resources Can Give You an Edge in Your Job Search

The Job Seeker’s Guide to Diversity Employment Resources: A Directory of Over 600 Jobs Boards, Publicatons, Job Banks and Career Portals for African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Other Minorities is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, compilation of career-oriented publications, job boards and web sites for minorities available.

This comprehensive, 216 page, resource provides an alphabetized compilation of over 600 resources career-focused newsletters, magazines, journals, job banks, job boards and web sites that target African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans.  Each listing contains contact information and a description.  The cross-reference index enables you to review diversity career resources based on career specialty, special interest, gender focus, industry, affiliation and diversity focus.  There are 45 of these subject indexes.

In addition to general interest and career publications and web sites targeting minorities, The Job Seeker's Guide to Diversity Employment Resources also lists hundreds of specialized national media in the following industries and career specialties:

job Accounting & Finance
job Arts & Entertainment
job Behavioral Sciences
job Business
job Civil Rights
job Communications
job Education
job Engineering
job Ethnic Studies
job Government
job Healthcare
job Hospitality
job Human Services
job Human Resources
job Language
job Law Enforcement
job Law
job Financial Services
job Library Science
job Mathematics
job Multiculturalism
job Mental Health
job Non-Profit
job Policy
job Science
job Telecommunications
job Technology

Also included a listings of minority media specifically targeting the following groups and markets:

job African Americans
job Alumni Group
job Arab Americans
job Asian Americans
job Bilingual Professionals
job Fraternities

job Graduate Students
job Hispanics
job Immigrants
job Managers
job Minority Men
job Minority Women

job Native Americans
job New Grads
job Students
job Sororities
job Undergraduates
job Veterans

How The Job Seeker's Guide to Diversity Employment Resources Can Help You with Your Job Search:

With the Job Seeker' Guide to Diversity Employment Resources, you can:

job Uncover needed information for identifying job opportunities

job Track industry and career field trends, discover roles models for success

job Identify key players with whom you can network

job Find ideas for making smart career decisions

This powerful job-hunting tool will:

job Ease of the process of locating and identifying which job seeking resources are right for you

job Help you make informed decisions about the diversity career resources that are available

job Assist you in uncovering which employers are truly committed to building a diverse workforce

job Help you to enhance your visibility with employers during your job search

Whether you are using it to make a career move right away, seeking to develop a long-term employment success strategy, or helping someone with their job search, the Job Seeker’s Guide to Diversity Employment Resources can point you to the best tools to accomplish your job hunting and career planning goals.

Price: $43.95

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