Diversity Partnership Tips for White Men: A Skills Building Field Guide

A Skills Building Field Guide that shows white men how to become active participants in company diversity efforts and well as form vital partnerships with other white men, white women and people of color for a genuinely new, inclusive culture.

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Diversity Partnership Tips for White Men: A Skills Building Field Guide

Diversity Partnership Tips for White Men

Bill Proudman, Michael Welp, Jo Ann Morris

A Skills Building Field Guide


  • "Being a white male is different than many of us imagine. Readers are in for some wonderful and disturbing discoveries. This guide offers us the opportunity to be more fully male and more fully human." ~ Geoff Bellman, Author of Getting Things Done When You Are Not in Charge and The Consultants Calling: Bringing Who You Are to What You Do.

  • "My work with WMFDP has been some of the most interesting and informative of my entire professional career. The opportunity to learn and understand who I am as a white male, and all that entails both positive and negative, will help me interact more effectively with everyone." ~ David Ratcliffe, CEO Southern Company

  • "White men think of diversity as being about everyone else but them. One challenge in bringing white men on board as diversity players is to get them to examine and reflect on the lens through which they see the world. Another challenge is offering them a viable role in creating an inclusive work environment at all levels of the organization. This field guide will go a long way toward helping white men realize these important goals." ~ Thomas Kochman, Co-Director, Kochman Mavrelis Associates, Inc. Author : Black and White Styles in Conflict

  • "Proudman, Welp and Morris have very effectively translated into print their profound work in diversity partnerships. They've described the complex humanity involved in leadership in crisp phrases with great clarity. The reflective questions will surely enable the reader to connect head with heart to truly achieve personal growth in partnering for diversity." ~ Lars Houmann, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Florida Hospital

  • This excellent series, on fostering skill-building in partnership surrounding diversity issues, is practical and relevant for both genders and interfacing with all races and ages." ~ Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist and author of Working Together and The Four-Fold Way