Diversity Partnership Tips for White Women and People of Color to Engage White Men

A Skills Building Field Guide that will show you how to move to high collaboration. You’ll learn about the unconscious attitudes that govern the ways white men do – and don’t – participate in diversity efforts. You’ll also discover why it’s difficult for white women and people of color to see what white men really know about diversity.

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About Jo Ann Morris: Jo Ann Morris is a founding partner of White Men As Full Diversity Partners® She has been an executive coach and organization change consultant for over 15 years.

Jo Ann was an Information Technology Programming Manager prior to beginning her executive coaching practice, Integral Coaching & Consultation. She was a repeat lecturer on creative leadership at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Public Executive Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, and at the Brandeis University Women in Management Program. She has 3 daughters who are the most important people in her life.

Jo Ann Morris

About Bill Proudman:Bill Proudman is a founding principal of White Men as Full Diversity Partners®. In 1996, Bill pioneered a white male only diversity workshop in response to seeing white male leaders and executives continually leave diversity change efforts solely to women and people of color. This dynamic and provocative work is unparalleled within the United States.

This provocative work became the seed for his involvement in the creation of WMFDP. WMFDP is a culture change consulting firm offering coaching, curriculum design, learning lab intensives and system wide change interventions that focus on creating real breakthrough partnerships at every level of an organization. Bill is also the founder of Inclusivity Consulting Group, an experiential training and development consulting firm that has specializes in leadership and organization development efforts for over 15 years.

Bill Proudman

Bill is the founder and current board member of the Experiential Training and Development Alliance, a trade association of exemplary North American experiential training and development consulting firms. Bill is also the founder of the Inclusivity Consulting Group, a consulting firm that has provided transformative learning experiences to organizations and leaders since 1987.

Bill is a highly sought after consultant assisting companies and organizations with creating new paradigms of diversity partnerships that include white men. He has over 25 years conducting and designing personal and leadership development programs and interventions focused on the human side of organizational change for executives, senior level management teams and companies. He is a sought after consultant and speaker on his work to engage white men as full diversity partners.

About Michael Welp: Michael Welp Ph.D., is a founding partner of White Men as Full Diversity Partners®, He is known for his authentic, trust-building style and works to develop leadership in everyone. Michael focuses on diversity as a source of transformation and unification.

Michael’s work centers on creating long-term cultural change in organizations. In addition to working with a broad range of industries throughout the U.S., he has facilitated interracial teambuilding for South African corporations. He has authored a dissertation and book chapter about white men and diversity.

An adjunct faculty at Capella University, he is a recipient of the Minnesota Organization Development Practitioner of the Year Award and is a professional member of NTL Institute.

Michael also founded EqualVoice, an organization development consulting firm known for building collaborative work cultures and for its transformative approaches to conflict.

Michael Welp