Diversity Partnership Tips for White Women and People of Color to Engage White Men

A Skills Building Field Guide that will show you how to move to high collaboration. Youíll learn about the unconscious attitudes that govern the ways white men do Ė and donít Ė participate in diversity efforts. Youíll also discover why itís difficult for white women and people of color to see what white men really know about diversity.

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Diversity Partnership Tips for White Men: A Skills Building Field Guide

Diversity Partnership Tips for White Women and People of Color to Engage White Men

Jo Ann Morris, Bill Proudman, Michael Welp

A Skills Building Field Guide


  • "We all need to learn how to partner more effectively with others. How we partner with those who are different from ourselves is the most critical issue of the twenty-first century. This guide is an important contribution to that process." ~ Fred Miller and Judith Katz, Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc., and coauthors of The Inclusion Breakthrough"

  • "Engage in this rare and unique guide that answers typically unasked questions. It makes explicit suggestions that will enhance diverstiy work for all of us." ~ Robert Hayles, Ph.D., former Vice President of Human Resources and Diversity with The Pillsbury Company, and coauthor of "The Diversity Directive"

  • "This field guide offers a non-threatening, enlightening challenge to action that gives white males the keys to creating more inclusive, satisfying, and effective relationships from across lines of difference. Blame, guilt, and defensiveness are not part of this process. Clear information, guidelines, and examples for real change are. This is a powerful addition to the resources for healthy, practical and effective diversity management." ~ Anita Rowe, Partner in Gardenswartz & Rowe and coauthor, Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference and Planning Guide

  • "Proudman, Welp and Morris have very effectively translated into print their profound work in diversity partnerships. They've described the complex humanity involved in leadership in crisp phrases with great clarity. The reflective questions will surely enable the reader to connect head with heart to truly achieve personal growth in partnering for diversity." ~ Lars Houmann, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Florida Hospital

  • This excellent series, on fostering skill-building in partnership surrounding diversity issues, is practical and relevant for both genders and interfacing with all races and ages." ~ Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist and author of Working Together and The Four-Fold Way