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An updated compilation of articles providing advice from experts on how to finance your education. Includes info on students loans, savings plans, school loan consolidation, government loans and other advice on education financing.

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  • School loans are considered “financial aid” but differ greatly from scholarships and

    grants because loans need to be paid back. There are three major types of loans, Federal Student Loans, Federal Loans for parents, and Private Loans. This article focuses on the most common type of school loan, the Federal Student Loans.

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  • "Hey Dad!", my son screamed from our front door, "I did it, I was accepted to Boston University.". My momentary exhilaration was overshadowed by the financial realities of college, especially private college. A quick calculation of my costs for 4 years of tuition, and expenses came to roughly $250,000, a very intimidating figure. Overwhelmed I thought, how could I possibly afford to send him to college? Fortunately, there are various options available to finance this academic endeavor.

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